What makes us different

Tenacity Fitness caters to every type of individual, regardless of age, size, or fitness level. Unlike the hectic large chain gyms, our facility offers a calm and private workout environment in which our expert guidance ensures you achieve the physique you desire. We believe in putting the fun back into exercise. Becoming fit and healthy should not be daunting. We break down goals into a manageable structure so that your workouts and nutrition are enjoyable and attainable.


Fitness Options to Suit All

Tenacity Fitness is a private boutique gym. Our services include personal training, and nutritional support. We operate on an appointment-based system,and we offer a complimentary fitness consultation, including weight, body fat, and BMI assessments, so you can keep track of your progress.

Focused on You

We can customize a fitness package according to your goals and preferences. For extra support, choose from three Personal Training formats. Or go it alone with our pay as you go gym option, which can be conveniently booked online. Our nutritional support service will help you gain control of your diet, while our expert guidance ensures you keep it that way.


Equipment and Customer Service

Our studio is furnished with strength training apparatus, cables, free weights, cardio machines, balance ball, bosu, skipping ropes, resistance bands, kettle bells, step, boxing gear, and foam roller. Regardless of your fitness goals, we have the equipment and knowledge to help you attain the physique you desire. And while most gyms are focused on profit alone, we genuinely care about you. We want you to succeed. Try us!

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Frequently asked questions

What equipment do you have?

Our facility is furnished with brand new strength machines, free weights, cardio equipment, balance ball, bosu, resistance bands, kettle bells, step, boxing apparatus, foam roller, skipping ropes, etc. Such a variety can be tailored to suit everybody’s fitness needs.

And our elegant locker room includes showers, changing rooms, marble sinks and full-service vanity area.

We offer state of the art workout equipment, surround sound stereo system, and plasma TV’s.

Our unique décor is comforting, sophisticated and uplifting, and includes strong icons that inspire and motivate.

Our intimate facility allows individuals of all ages and backgrounds to work-out in a comfortable, relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere.

We offer a variety of extra services to add to your gym experience, including personal training, and nutritional guidance.

What are you opening hours?

Tenacity Fitness is an appointment-based facility. Our opening hours are determined by our customers’ requested workout times. We are open Monday thru Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

We offer a range of specialized fitness services

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Personal training

Lose weight, gain muscle or increase your overall fitness with our certified one-on-one personal training

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Circuit training

A fun, invigorating, fat-busting group exercise class that targets every muscle group and excels fitness levels

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Confused about how to eat to achieve your fitness goals? Let us steer you to success with our daily diet support.

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Want to learn more?

Whether you’re curious to learn more or can’t wait to get started,
just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Our services

Everyone has different fitness goals. And that’s where our services come in to play, each designed with specific results in mind.