Personal Training

Personal Training (Includes Complimentary Fitness Consultation & Nutritional Guidance)

Personal Training

No matter what your fitness goals, our certified female personal trainers will get you the results you desire within an inspiring and sophisticated environment. We are currently offering 20% off all Personal Training packages, so there has never been a better time to get started!

Whether you have been exercising for years and want to mix up your workout routine, or a novice just starting out, we will tailor-make a workout plan just for you. We begin with a complimentary fitness consultation to review your health history, diet and fitness goals. Then, we take your weight and BMI measurements to track your progression. You will receive a complimentary nutrition guide and food log to help you make the right food choices, and to keep you in control of your diet. Your trainer will review your food log at each workout session, and provide you with relevant feedback.

Choose from 30 or 60 minute workout sessions (consisting of warm-up, workout, cool down, and stretching). These can be purchased individually or in cost-effective bundles of 3, 8, 15, or 20. Please see below for pricing information:

Single session
30mins 60mins
$45 $70
30 Min Packages (20% Discount)
3 x 30 8 x 30 15 x 30 20 x 30
$129 $103.20 $329 $263.20 $569 $455.20 $719 $575.20
60 Min Packages (20% Discount)
3 x 60 8 x 60 15 x 60 20 x 60
$199 $159.20 $509 $407.20 $889 $711.20 $1,119 $895.20