Circuit Training

Melt fat fast, and excel your endurance, strength and well-being with our high intensity group fitness class. Exercise at your own pace. Suitable for all fitness levels.



Drop-in: $20

5-Class Pack: $100

10-Class Pack: $200

15-Class Pack: $300

Class Duration

Approximately 45 minutes

The high intensity, fast-paced format means you can accomplish more in 45 minutes than you might in an hour on your own. Whether you love or hate exercise, our instructor will encourage and motivate you to perform at your peak in a fun and energetic group environment.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 7.30m | Friday: 7.45am

More times available according to demand.

If you would like to attend a class, please call or text: 818-383-4075.


Warm-up exercises


All-body circuit stations


Cool down exercises




Rest and recovery



High-intensity 45-minute all-body workout

Burns 30% more fat than a usual workout

Excels cardio and muscle endurance

Stimulates lean muscle

Small classes ensure individual attention and maximum results

Increases strength

Boosts mood and well-being

Suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels

Go at your own pace – from beginner to athlete!

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