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Invest in the health of your employees and enjoy the benefits of a stronger and happier workforce. We provide on-site fitness classes to businesses and apartment complexes, with various pricing options that best suits your schedule and budget.


Our certified fitness instructors will come to your business location and provide a high intensity boot camp / circuit style group class that allows everyone to go at their own pace. This means that regardless of age, gender or fitness level, every individual can achieve and exceed their personal fitness goals. Managers, junior staff, and CEOs are all equal in our class!

We deliver fun and invigorating workouts, and our group solidarity helps staff bond in a reinforcing and positive manner. There is a wealth of proven benefits to offering fitness solutions for your employees. And not only will providing fitness classes pay themselves off many times over, but they are also tax deductable. We have highlighted just a few of the other benefits to your employees and your business:


Increase productivity and stamina

Physical activity is as much for the mind as it is for the body. Exercise improves energy and increases focus and concentration, which improves overall efficiency.


Reduce absenteeism

Exercise improves overall health and strengthens the immune system. Less sick days means you save money and maintain productivity.


Increase loyalty to your company and colleague bonding

Employees will naturally bond in an invigorating group atmosphere, and then carry this into the workplace. They will also feel loyal to a company that invests in their wellness.


Increase positivity and confidence

Your employees will feel fitter, happier and accomplished, reinforcing a positive attitude toward their work tasks.


Decrease stress and tension

Physical activity improves mood and reduces depression, promoting a calm and happy work environment.


We will come to you and provide a complimentary consultation to present what we do in further detail. Our appointment is to introduce ourselves, view or suggest an appropriate workout area, and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation to purchase our services.


We offer two pricing options: 1) Buy a bundle of classes (to be used within a six-month period), or 2) purchase a monthly plan consisting of a set number of classes per week. Prices vary depending on the number of class participants and the amount of sessions purchased. Please contact us for more pricing information. You can call us directly at 818-383-4075 or fill out the convenient form below. We'll get right back to you!

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