In-Home Fitness

Tell us your fitness goals, budget and personal preferences, and we will pair you with a specialized trainer who will come to you and work you out in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Free consultation to establish your health history and workout goals to match you with your trainer
  • Access to trainer portfolios that match your requirements
  • Consultation with trainer to ensure you “click” and you feel comfortable
  • When you confirm you are ready we send the trainer to you (according to your schedule)


We charge an initiation fee to begin work on finding your trainer, and then one more fee when we match you with your trainer. Once we set you up with your trainer, all future transactions are between you and your fitness professional. We do not charge commission.

Peace of Mind:

We conduct a thorough and vigorous interview process to ensure your trainer is qualified, has a clean criminal background, has a professional demeanor, and a friendly mannerism. We require an interview and physical demonstration to ensure your trainer is qualified to conduct one-on-one training with you. For extra piece of mind, up until your third session we will allow you to trade trainers. So if you are not totally satisfied with the trainer we supply, we will send you a new trainer free of charge.


Your trainer comes to you

Get matched with your perfect trainer

Choose your budget

Workout at home or work

Access trainer bios suited to your needs

Background checks conducted on trainers

We have trainers for any fitness goal

Choose your trainer’s gender and bio

No commission fees

Register your interest

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Want to learn more?

Whether you’re curious to learn more or can’t wait to get started,
just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Our services

Everyone has different fitness goals. And that’s where our services come in to play, each designed with specific results in mind.