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Get Pumped and Beat the Monday Blues

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First day of a new week and back to the daily grind. Depressed that the weekend is over? Well don’t be – it will be upon you again before you know it. In the meantime, let me make a suggestion: Exercise. Now I don’t wish to add to your stress – in fact, if you can squeeze some physical activity somewhere within your hectic schedule, it will do quite the contrary. A workout not only releases endorphins and boosts our mood, but getting that body moving also de-stresses and increases energy levels. And you do not have to commit to going to the gym to achieve a good workout. You don’t even have to set aside an hour of your day. Exercise can be broken down into ten-minute increments, and accomplishing just three of these over the course of a day will amount to a satisfactory measure of workout time. Now doesn’t that make the idea of physical activity a little less daunting? Try running up and down the stairs a few times in the morning, or on your lunch break. Get up and perform some squats or lunges in the office. Enjoy a brisk walk on your coffee break. Wall push-ups can be done anywhere. Think outside the box and get creative. No apparatus needed, and no gym membership required. Keep the blood pumping, the muscles moving, and the endorphins flowing. I dare you to give it a try…

Now go forth and prosper. And Happy Monday to you!