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Eat Your Greens with Ease

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With nutrition being an essential component of our fitness success and overall wellbeing, it is crucial that we follow a staple diet. An issue that affects many kids, much to the despair of their parents, is a reluctance to devour the good stuff, most notably vegetables. However, it has become apparent to me while discussing nutrition plans with my adult clients that sometimes us grown-ups also struggle to consume enough of the “boring” foods. Well suffer no more, for I have a simple one-worded solution for you: BLENDER.

Gather up all that crap you can’t stand, which happens to be really darned good for you, such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, kale, etc. and toss it all in a blender. Mix with water, juice, milk, yogurt – something healthy that takes your fancy. And voila, you can acquire all the daily nutrients your body needs in a drink. What’s more, you can get creative by adding extra healthy ingredients, such as fruit and nuts, to cleverly disguise any hint of a rancid flavor, and which can actually make for a very pleasant tasting and rich textured beverage.

So seriously folks, there’s no excuse. Throw all your greens in a blender and get them down you. Bottoms up!