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Adjustable Weights Set



This adjustable weights set comprises of 12x 4.4lbs vinyl weight plates, 2x 18.5″ dumbbell handles, 1×16″ connector and 8 collar locks.

Total weights: 58lbs barbell, or 29lbs each dumbbell

Customize your weightlifting workout: Adjust the weights from 8.8lbs to 58lbs, and easily switch from light shoulder raises or arm movements to heavier deadlifts and squats.

Get 2 weightlifting products in 1: Our weight set comes with a connecting rod for conversion into a barbell. Connect the two sides together and add more deadlifts, squats, or overhead presses to your resistance training.

Lift your free weights without hand fatigue: Both the dumbbell weight set and barbell weight set handles are nonslip, easy-grip, and sweat-absorbent, designed to keep your hands comfortable and prevent slippage.

Complement your home workout equipment with this multipurpose adjustable weights set. Allows for an all-body workout.

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