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Agility Training Ladder


Excel your cardio and sports precision with this 23 ft, 14 rung agility training ladder. Perfect for home use in a large room, or out in the yard or a park. Features durable PVC rungs and flexible connecting material. Lightweight and easy to transport in the included drawstring carry bag. Quick to open and unroll. And easy to put away and store.

Excel your cardio and sports precision with this 23 feet long, 14 rung agility training ladder. This fun, yet effective fitness accessory features durable PVC rungs, and strong flexible connecting material. The rungs can be easily adjusted to make the spacing wide or narrow to suit your training requirements. This ladder is incredibly lightweight and rolls up easily. And it comes with a convenient drawstring storage bag, so it’s easy to carry and store away. Unrolls in seconds whenever and wherever you are ready to train. Perfect for aerobics exercise in the home in a large room, or outdoors in the yard or a park. For use by anyone, from children to professional athletes, this versatile training ladder is suitable for all training levels and age groups. It can be used for a variety of agility and cardio workouts, from beginner to advanced.

Product highlights:

  • 23 ft long flexible agility training ladder with bright yellow rungs for easy visibility.
  • Includes 14 adjustable rungs that can be easily altered according to your spacing preferences.
  • The strong flexible rungs are safe and durable for long term use.
  • Comes with a convenient drawstring carry bag.
  • Very light and compact making it easy to carry and travel with.
  • Easy to store – simply roll it up and put it away.
  • Waterproof, wipe-clean rungs and connecting material.








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