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gym rental in studio city

Gym Rental

Why Hire the Gym?

When you hire the gym you have it to yourself 100%, which means you can totally focus on your workout without interruptions or the inconvenience of having to wait while the equipment is being used by someone else. Our boutique gym has everything an individual needs for an all-body workout. And there’s also room if you want to bring a friend! Personal Trainers are also welcome to bring their clients here for a complete one-on-one workout environment. Every area and piece of equipment is thoroughly sanitized between each client, so you can use the facility in a safe environment and with added peace of mind. You can book the space by the hour and at your convenience, by text, phone, or email.

Gym rental available for private individuals and Personal Trainers.

The boutique studio is equipped with everything you need for a full-body workout, no matter what your fitness goals. As well as free weights and a versatile cable machine with multiple attachments, there is also an incline/decline bench with a leg attachment for extensions and curls, kettlebells, step, bosu, balance ball, resistance bands, and more. There is also a stereo so you can plug in your iPhone and play your favorite playlist, plus a fresh filtered water dispenser. Bathrooms are right next door, and blinds ensure absolute privacy.


For private clients. (Trainers please contact us for rates.)

$20/ Hour

Accommodates one-two people.

The studio is all yours – 100% privacy.

Pay in advance by Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, or cash upon arrival.

Must sign waiver, but no other paperwork required. Simply workout and go.

Disclaimer: Use gym at your own risk. Tenacity Fitness and it’s owner are not responsible for injury or death.