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Wellness Coaching

Why Invest in Wellness Coaching?

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Caroline Gladwin

As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, I help people positively change their lifestyle habits so they can achieve optimum physical fitness. By identifying the obstacles standing in the way of your health goals, we can then create a realistic plan to overcome those challenges, and accomplish your wellness desires. Acquire the knowledge and motivation to incorporate regular exercise into your routine and consume a healthy, well-balanced diet. My Wellness Coaching program is the best option for people who prefer to pursue their fitness goals independently without the need for a trainer, and are seeking professional guidance to set them on the right path for lifelong fitness success.

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If you are ready to get fit and healthy but you don’t know where to begin, then my Wellness Coaching is just what you need. I can help you with the following challenges:

  • 🔹Finding the motivation to exercise
  • 🔹Knowing where to begin and what to do
  • 🔹How to design an effective workout plan for your individual goals
  • 🔹Demonstrations and explanations of the moves to ensure proper form and maximum benefit from each exercise
  • 🔹Choosing the equipment necessary for your fitness goals
  • 🔹Understanding the key components of an exercise program, such as cardio, resistance training, balance, and flexibility, in relation to your goals
  • 🔹How to workout with confidence at home, the gym, or outdoors
  • 🔹How often to exercise, workout structure, duration, and intensity levels
  • 🔹How to fuel up correctly before and after a workout
  • 🔹What to eat and when
  • 🔹Understanding nutrition and its relevance to your health goals
  • 🔹Addressing other factors that may be negatively impacting you, such as stress
  • 🔹An understanding – and optional analysis – of weight, body mass index, and body fat percentage to optimize your physical fitness journey
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I will show you how you can workout at home, design an effective workout plan just for you, discuss what equipment you’ll need for your specific goals, demonstrate some key exercises to you, and help you get excited and motivated to begin your physical fitness journey. Working with me will also cover nutrition if you need assistance with your diet, and I will help you discover that you can eat healthily and still enjoy a bit of the naughty stuff – everything in moderation! I can help you make healthy food choices, supply you with an easy-to-follow nutrition guide, plus a food journal to make you aware of when to eat and the choices you are making.

I will remove the daunting, dreaded feeling that often comes with exercise and diet, and help you set small goals to keep your health journey realistic and attainable. And by listening intently to you in a non-judgmental environment, I can work with you to make physical fitness and diet a part of your routine that you can actually look forward to and enjoy!

Gain control of your health now! My three-month Wellness Coaching plan offers bi-weekly 50-minute sessions. And for extra peace of mind, I offer single “booster” sessions in case you need help in the future, so we can quickly get you back on track.

  • 🔹Free, no obligation initial consultation (no payment due until you decide to start the program)
  • 🔹Three-month Wellness Coaching program with bi-weekly 50 minute sessions
  • 🔹Your choice of in-person, Facetime or online meetings
  • 🔹Written material and physical demonstrations to help you optimize your health journey
  • 🔹Text/email support from me during the program
  • 🔹Option to add extra sessions upon completion
  • 🔹Limited time offer on my three-month Wellness program (scroll down for details)

Three-Month Wellness Program

$899 $599


I knew I needed to workout but didn’t know where to start. I was feeling depressed and frustrated. Caroline’s course really changed my life. Her 3 month plan was just what I needed to learn how to exercise and get motivated. Now I eat well, workout regularly, and feel happier. I’ve lost 8 lbs already!

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I was struggling mentally, was sedentary, and had turned to comfort eating. Caroline’s Wellness Coaching helped me come up with a solid workout plan with useful demonstrations on how to do the exercises, and some great nutrition advice. I’m so happy and can’t say enough good things about her.

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It’s early days (one month in) but I already feel better and relieved I’m making good choices. Caroline made it easy for me to workout at home and make some changes in my diet. Great guidance so far. Looking forward to seeing further improvements.

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