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A Private Boutique Gym

By Appointment Only

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Personal Training


Want to get fit, but don’t know where to begin? I will provide you with a customized exercise plan and diet guidance, so that you can achieve your fitness goals with friendly and encouraging one-on-one instruction and support. Tailored to all fitness levels for weight loss, lean muscle gain, toning, and increased mood, energy, and confidence.

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mental fitness, improve happiness, loneliness service

Mental Fitness

A.C.E. Certified Wellness Coach

Need to boost your mood, overcome loneliness, or simply vent? Mental fitness goes hand-in-hand with physical fitness, and is equally important to our overall wellbeing. I offer neutral, non-judgmental, and confidential friendly support. Take control of your daily grievances and improve your happiness and independence.

Wellness Coaching


Want to take charge of your fitness? My Health and Wellness Coaching helps you make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve your physical fitness goals without the need for a trainer. Find the motivation to work out, learn how to exercise confidently, take control of your diet, and attain a long-term fitness routine.

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Gym Rental


Personal Trainers and private individuals can book the personal training gym by the hour and have the studio to themselves 100%. For those who want a convenient workout with absolute privacy. We have all the equipment you need for a full-body workout, whatever your fitness goals.


I can’t say enough good things about this place and the owner. First off, the place is great. Its private and quaint with all the space being maximized… Now for the best part, Caroline!.. I could not be more happy with my improvements…

how to get fit


OMG Caroline is a blessing in disguise… I’ve been working out with her for a few months and the results are amazing…  I have so much fun working out and feel so special like she is my best friend… Love her studio, nice, clean, great location…

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Get a free, no obligation fitness consultation

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Hours & Location

personal training, mental fitness, wellness coaching:

Available Mon-Fri with Caroline (by appointment only).

personal training Gym Rental:

Available 24/7 for outside trainers, and Mon-Fri for customers who want to use the gym alone.

Location details:

Tenacity is conveniently located near the 101 freeway (exit Vineland or Ventura). Cross-streets are Vineland/Ventura, (right next to Walgreens). There is a free parking lot at the back of the building, or metered street parking right out front.





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Tenacity Fitness
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Anna
Excellent Results!

I've been working out with Caroline 3 days a week since the holidays and I'm already seeing great progress. I love her style of training and she's so easy to work with. I came here with no experience, totally sedentary and I feel really comfortable with her and beyond happy with the results I'm seeing.

 by Donna
Highly Recommend Caroline

I trained with Caroline before, during, and after both of my pregnancies. She knew exactly what to do during each trimester and I felt very safe under her instruction. I credit her for my easy births! She really helped me keep my core strong and I truly believe this helped with my quick deliveries. I continue to train with her to maintain my physique and I am delighted with the way she has helped me stay in shape over the last few years. If you're in doubt I highly encourage you to book a consultation with her. You won't be disappointed.

 by Mary
Love the Privacy

I came to Tenacity because I feel very self conscious in public gyms where guys stare and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Tenacity is private so it's just me and my Trainer and she's female so I feel very comfortable. Plus she really knows what she's doing so I've noticed impressive results so far. If you want complete privacy and one-on-one, I would suggest Tenacity and Caroline is amazing.

 by Dashawn
Good for Private Workout

I rent this gym a couple times a wk for my workouts. Easy to schedule, have it all to myself, book it by the hr. Reasonable price as I have it all to myslf

 by Gloria
Great for all ages

I'm a 62 year old lady and Caroline has helped me strengthen my knees and hips after I was having problems in these areas. My balance is also much better and my overall fitness. I appreciate how she mixes things up so every session is different. Coming here has really helped me with my health issues and I really enjoy working out with Caroline. And I love that the gym is totally private so it's just me and her.

 by Gabriel

Definitely recommend this place. The gym has everything I need. Totally private. No-one allowed in when your in here. So it's nice to not have any distractions and i can totally focus on my workouts.

 by Kellie

Where do I begin?

1)Best trainer ever

2)Totally private gym

3)Convenient parking

4)Fun workouts

5)Helpful diet advice

6)Seeing great results

7)Right around the corner from my apt!

 by Janice
A great friend

I am 79 and live alone. I use Caroline's mental fitness service and she has become like a good friend to me. We chat a few times a week and that has really helped make me feel better. I am much happier and I know if I ever need to chat I can easily schedule a call.

 by Alicia
Low BP, Low Cholesterol

I started personal training after my doctor advised me to exercise for my high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was also pre-diabetic. After a few months I scheduled another doc appt for a follow-up and was told that I'm no longer pre-diabetic and my bp and cholesterol are normal! Very happy and Caroline is a delight to work with. I live alone and don't socialize much so coming here is often the highlight of my day. (Never thought I'd say that about going to the gym!). Caroline is always friendly, kind, and very motivating. Can't thank her enough.

 by Julia
so happy with my body

After 4 months my body has completely changed and Caroline has helped me tone up. I felt really self-conscious of my arms and didn't like wearing anything sleeveless before, but now I feel very confident. Caroline hasn't just changed the way I look, but she's really changed how I feel about myself and has boosted my confidence big time!

 by Tina
Amazing results!

Come here if you want results!

 by Josh
Looking good!!

Very pleased with my progress so far. Walked past this place one morning and glad I found it. Caroline is great and has helped me both mentally and physically. I would recommend you check this place out if you're looking for a trainer who cares and knows what she's doing.

 by Marsha
Highly Recommend!

Can't say enough good things about this place and its owner. I started a Wellness program here. Now i am learning about the right exercises for me that i can do at home and i have the motivation i was lacking before. Seeing excellent results so far.

 by Olivia

I always hated exercise so I hired a trainer to get the ball rolling. I love that I can turn up to my workout and not have to think about anything. Caroline has it all planned out for me! She's a great trainer and she's helped me a lot with my diet too. Highly recommend.

 by Eric
Top Trainer

Been working out here for a few months. Very happy with my results. Gained ten pounds of muscle and lost a load of fat. Definitely recommend personal training here

 by Johnny
Best Trainer

I've worked with a few trainers in the past but never found one as good as caroline. i was obese and unmotivated until i hired her. now ive lost alot of weight and feeling so much better. i still have a ways to go but confident i'll keep seeing results. she's relly helped me change my diet too. i struggled with that before but now im eating well and that's making a huge difference.

 by Greg

working out with caroline has really helped me. I didn't have a clue before I found her. Been coming to her gym for about a year now and I don't plan on giving this up any time soon.Seeing the best results I've ever had and I'm much stronger since I started strength training with her.

 by Jenna
if you want results come here

I signed up for Caroline's Wellness program and it's helped me tremendously. I can now workout at home and know what to do, plus I am eating much better. As a result, Ive lost 17lbs so far and my clothes are fitting me much better. My motivation has really increased and I was sedentary before I started this! So I'm very happy with the service and I'm proud of myself too!