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About our wellness services

About Tenacity

Achieve Your Physical Fitness Goals and Establish Lifelong Health Habits

As an A.C.E. certified Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach, I can help you with weight loss, lean muscle gain, endurance, mental wellness, eating right, how to exercise correctly, creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and much more! Personal Training focuses on your customized exercise plan, motivation, and diet, so that you can sculpt the physique you desire with ongoing professional support and instruction. Health and Wellness Coaching enables you to take control of your physical fitness for your entire future without the need for a trainer. I can assist you in achieving your optimal fitness by helping you make necessary lifestyle changes, demonstrating exercises and equipment, exercise planning, outlining nutrition and diet, addressing obstacles that are challenging you, and then setting small, attainable goals for long-term success. Contact me for more information about our fitness services.

about our fitness services

Choosing the Right Service for You

With over 15 years of experience, I have helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals as a Personal Trainer. They simply show up to their customized workouts, and I provide the motivation, guidance and support they need. Personal Training works great for people who are busy and enjoy the ease of not having to think about their workouts or worry about trying to motivate themselves on their own.

Alternatively, my Wellness Coaching helps by people who want to independently pursue healthy lifestyle habits and a lifelong routine. As their mentor, I provide a personalized course so they can gain the knowledge and motivation they require for long-term success. Wellness Coaching works best for those who like to exercise alone at home or at the gym, and just need the direction necessary to adopt a healthy diet and fitness routine as a permanent part of their lifestyle.

Contact me for more information about my fitness services. Or book a free consultation to discover how I can help you. We can meet in person or via FaceTime to discuss your health history and physical fitness goals, and the best way for you to achieve them.


I have been active all my life and certified as a Personal Trainer for over ten years, assisting numerous clients just like you. I have helped many people change their lifestyle habits for improved physical wellness, as a certified Health and Wellness Coach. If you’re ready to make the change, start here!

Professional and Fun

I take what I do very seriously, and your health and fitness is my top priority. While remaining professional, I like to have fun with what I do, and deliver my service with a smile and a little humor! Exercise and diet don’t have to be daunting and I like to keep my clients uplifted.


Motivation is key to any goal, and with health and fitness, people often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. That’s where I can help. Whether you need to get into a regular exercise routine, lose 50lbs, improve your mood, or start eating right, I can provide the motivation you need to succeed.

Tell me your goals and let me explain how I can help you. Book a free, no obligation consultation.

No longer pre diabetic, no longer have HBP! I love the way I feel after each session! Thanks Caroline! You’ve changed my views on trainers and on what fitness should feel like!



What to Expect

After your free consultation, we will determine the service that’s right for you. Receive a customized fitness package according to your personal goals and preferences. I offer 30-minute and 60-minute Personal Training sessions with various package sizes. And a three-month Wellness plan with extra optional solo sessions, in case you need further support. If you opt to meet at my facility, you are guaranteed 100% privacy. And my online options offer the same level of service with step-by-step assistance.

Don’t put it off any longer. Get started today!