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How to Overcome Exercise Procrastination: No More Excuses

Excluding the small percentage of fitness freaks in this world, the majority of us don’t particularly enjoy exercise. We reluctantly push ourselves to workout because we realize that physical activity, put simply, is good for us. The abundance of health benefits, including increased mental and physical well-being, is too crucial to ignore. Our fitness level is resolutely linked to our quality of life, even our longevity. Yet we persist in doing what we can to avoid it. How to overcome exercise procrastination is a challenge that many face, but it doesn’t need to be.

I am, of course, referring to you lot. I happen to be one of those annoying people who put you to shame with my six-day-a-week exercise routine. But I work with people like you every day – people who hire me to vanquish their excuses. And boy, have I heard them all.

how to overcome exercise procrastination

common excuses and solutions

“I’m tired” and “I don’t have time” are regular quips. If you’re tired, do something a little less strenuous – something is better than nothing. You need to focus on elevating the heart rate and working the muscles, which can be done with some light cardio or strength training. And if your time is limited, break your workouts up over the day into ten-minute segments. Just three of these will add up to a half-hour workout, and a lot of people workout harder when they know it is only a short session.

“My dog is sick” (how that is related to your ability to train, I still can’t figure out), “I’m hung-over” – I totally hear ya. However, exercise can actually remedy a hangover by increasing circulation, releasing endorphins, and reducing brain fog. And then there are those clients who are just refreshingly honest: “I really can’t be assed to workout”. That’s often where I come in – as a certified Personal Trainer I can guide you, both in-person and online. Otherwise, try to alter your mindset by remembering the abundance of health benefits exercise rewards us with, the instant endorphins – happy hormones – it releases, and how amazing and accomplished you will feel at the end of your session. Keep consistent and track your progress. Once you start to see results, it will be much easier to stay motivated.

easy exercise tips

The truth is that everyone has the means of working out, and for the sake of our overall health and well-being, we must exercise. You don’t need a gym: A little space at home with dumbbells or resistance bands, a jog in the park, a brisk walk around the block (leave the sick dog at home), a few squats and lunges at the office, or a quick circuit routine. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of training, but my advice to you is to not over-think it – just do it. Try to focus on the benefits and how good it will make you feel, and aim to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Start small and build up, and make it a habit. Physical activity comes in many forms, so pick something you enjoy. Find a workout buddy. And if all else fails, hire a trainer to hold you accountable.

No more excuses.

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